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Northumberland National Park

The Ingram Valley Farm Safari

  • Location Alnwick
  • Price from £75.00
  • Cultural
  • Historical
  • Multi-activity
  • Tours
  • Walking / Hiking
  • Wildlife
  • Mindful escape
  • Learn new skills
  • Microadventure


Daylight Safaris
Discover a world of history and adventure on our 3-hour Ingram Valley Farm Safari – a National Park Experience like no other in the heart of Northumberland National Park. Your immersion into the past 12,000 years starts right here, here where the glaciers of the last Ice Age melted away to reveal a beautiful tundra landscape, where deer and wild cattle once roamed and ruled this land. Prehistoric people lived in the Valley thousands of years ago and left their mark, in the form of Iron Age hillforts and Bronze Age terraces. At Wether Hill, 1,000 feet (300 metres) above sea level, you can still see circles on the ground where they built their homes. Will what we leave behind still be visible in 5,000 years? 

Sunset Safaris
In late August and in September 2021, the Ingram Valley Farm Safari will be offering evening trips, following the same tracks and trails as the daytime journeys. The difference is and the objective is to travel through dusk, to watch the sun setting over the far horizon and to see the stars come out over the Northumberland Dark Sky Park. We will provide blankets to keep you warm and as an optional extra, you can purchase a bottle of Prosecco from us when you book your tickets to toast the view or to celebrate your own shared moment such as a birthday or an anniversary. We will continue to provide a picnic as part of the package and a hot drink, such as coffee or hot chocolate, as we watch the sun set and the darkness descend over the Cheviot Hills in Northumberland National Park. Please note, the Sunset Safari, because of the later finish will not have access to the Ingram Cafe on completion of the the trip.

On this exclusive and unique experience, you will sit back in comfort onboard our Can-Am Traxter off-road vehicle and discover why Ingram Farm and Ingram Valley is so special. On this safari, you really will travel back through time on this epic journey; you will be exploring this remarkable place in the company of an expert guide and with the family who have farmed here for over 70-years. 

In recent times, red deer have been re-introduced to the farm and cattle once again graze the hilltops. Immerse yourself into 6,000 years of farming history as we take you chapter by chapter through myth, legend and the history of England's largest Scheduled Ancient Monument, Ingram Valley Farm.

The Ingram Valley Farm Safari is one of just seventy curated National Park Experiences in England. This unique collection has been brought together to celebrate England's National Parks, so you are part of something very special when you join this Experience in Northumberland National Park.

On your Safari today
Please meet your safari tour guides and transport at the Ingram Bridge car park. The journey starts here with Patrick from Footsteps in Northumberland and a member of the Wilson family; the Wilsons have been farming here since 1949. Your transport for the experience is the Can-Am Traxter. Our Traxter holds 6-people including the driver and it is the perfect vehicle for this experience. Capable, comfortable, safe and lots of fun, with a storage box on the back for your picnic and your stuff. We’ll soon be heading off on safari to discover and celebrate what has shaped this part of the world for millennia and learn about how the deer, sheep and cattle play a key role in conserving and managing this special place today.

We will provide you with a picnic from the Ingram Café for the journey. The aim is pause at the top of a hill surrounded by terrific views, some silence perhaps and the opportunity to relax for a moment, to ask questions and take those all-important photographs. We will round off the Daylight Safari Experience at the popular Ingram Café, which has wheelchair access, toilets and some great local food of course. Within Ingram Café, you can spend some time looking at the beautiful National Park Exhibition and relive the spellbinding journey through time that you have just enjoyed in your quest to discover even more about this fascinating part of Northumberland.

Family tickets
You can buy a family ticket for your Safari and you can book for one or two adults and up to four children on the Safari. The maximum group size is 5-people and we can take younger children under the age of 7-years, but please contact us beforehand so that we can ensure we have the right facilities and arrangements in place for them.

Gift Vouchers
You can purchase a gift voucher for your friends and family by clicking on the gift voucher link. This is an automated process, you can select the amount and the voucher will be sent by email to the person you choose.

Special Occasions
The Ingram Valley Farm Safari is the perfect way to celebrate a birthday, an anniversary or that special day in your life. Please get in touch to find out how we can help you get everything you want from this unique National Park Experience. You can purchase a bottle of Prosecco when you book your Safari, so you can celebrate your special occasion and make your own memories on your Ingram Valley Farm Safari.

Covid management
The Traxter, the vehicle that takes you on the Safari is cleaned and disinfected before every outing. It has a well ventilated and open cab ensuring plenty of fresh air is allowed to blow through and we provide hand sanitiser as well. If you have any questions about Covid, then please get in touch with the Safari team and we will do our very best to provide the assurance you are looking for.

"We booked the safari as a treat for ourselves, celebrating a special occasion. Patrick and Rebecca made our whole tour the highlight of our holiday. We didn't expect a safari in Northumberland to be as exciting. We had fabulous views, beautiful wild flowers, birds and animals a plenty and a wonderful picnic lunch at 1,000ft. It was lovely getting so close to the deer too. Highly recommended".
"What a wonderful experience this was. Both my mother, 93 years old, and I sooo enjoyed this afternoon in every way. We received such a warm welcome from Rebecca and Ross who are putting their all into regenerating and protecting this beautiful valley and their glorious surrounding hills. The special 4x4 Safari buggie was comfortable and felt so safe as we were driven up through the grassy, wild flower and bracken slopes. At a thousand feet above sea level we enjoyed endless all round magnificent views. Patrick gave us such helpful information about all the historic Roman sites we visited there and he made the close up encounters with all the fabulous animals really special. Patrick's cheerful and caring disposition made the day! Our picnic was yummy. It was all value for money and we highly recommend this safari tour".
Despite the rain!! We started the day at the car park and immediately spotted a splendid red squirrel. . We were on the first Wet Safari but we were prepared for the weather and can honestly say it didn’t spoil it at all . Patrick was an excellent host with great knowledge about Northumberland and the farm which is obviously managed with extremely high standards in a sympathetic and sustainable way .Patrick showed us Bronze & Iron age settlements still in evidence after thousands of years . The picnic was delicious and being able to get close to the animals especially the Red Deer and the Splendid Stags was amazing. I booked the Safari as a Birthday treat for my Husband Alex and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. I would highly recommend this unique experience in a very beautiful and special place Northumberland.

This adventure is perfect for individuals and small groups, and can be tailored for:

  • Charity fundraising
  • Corporates
  • Families
  • School groups
  • Dog Friendly

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Effort Level

Relax and unwind whilst exploring the great outdoors

  • Chilled
  • Active
  • Tough


Not-provided Accommodation

See The Stars Bunkhouse coming soon in 2022!

    What's included

  • Transportation A Can-Am Traxter off road safari vehicle
  • Food Picnic from the Ingram Cafe
  • Drink Please bring a bottle of water with you. Ingram Valley Farm and Footsteps in Northumberland discourage the use of single use plastic bottles.

    What you'll need

  • Warm Clothing Please dress for the weather, on cooler days please bring a coat, a woolly hat and some gloves. On warm and sunny days, a sun hat is useful, but please do bring a fleece jacket or similar
  • Waterproofs A waterproof and warm coat is always worth having with you. A small rucksack or bag to put your stuff into is useful on the day.
  • Other Wellington boots, walking boots/shoes are ideal but not essential. A camera to capture the memories and if you have binoculars, bring them, but they are not essential


Custom Policy

If your Experience is cancelled by Ingram Valley GB, Wilson Brothers, Ingram Farm in Northumberland, you will receive a 100% refund, less your booking fee. If you cancel your Experience up to 2 weeks before your Experience, you will receive a 100% refund, less your booking fee. If you cancel your booking at 7 days or less before the date of the Experience, you will receive a 50% refund. If the Experience is cancelled by the farm due to bad weather, illness or staff not being available, then you will be offered an alternative date, or if that cannot be arranged, you will receive a full refund less your booking fee. If the Experience has started and you choose to leave on your own choice, then no refund will be given. If the Experience has started and if during the delivery of the Experience the weather deteriorates making it unsafe to continue outdoors, then we will continue the activity if possible in an indoor setting such as one of the farm buildings and you will be offered a 50% refund.




Ingram Valley Farm/ Wilson Brothers

Ingram Valley Farm/ Wilson Brothers

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